Air Conditioning Circuit Board Repair Services | Duons Australia

Duons has a successful track record of restoring industrial and commercial air-conditioning systems to working order when there is a problem with the electronic components. When the unit is out of warranty and/or the manufacturer no longer provides replacement control cards and other components, we can intervene to ensure expensive systems are not rendered unusable by electronic faults that are quite often repairable. This can result in bottom line savings in the thousands for the end-user and repairer.

When electrical contractors or end users have a problem with a malfunctioning air-conditioning unit and have exhausted all regular troubleshooting options, the culprit might be the internal electronic control card. Water damage, corrosion, continued wear and tear, a power surge, or even an invading critter like a lizard becoming ‘fried’ on the board can cause damage that renders the entire air-conditioner unusable!

Duons’ technical team has a wealth of experience at providing cost-effective testing and component-level repairs to air-conditioning PCBs and control cards. Whether helping electricians or the end-user directly, quite often we can make the difference between a costly replacement and giving extended life to mechanically sound equipment.

Are you feeling the heat as the result of faulty air-conditioning electronics? Contact us today and we’ll cool things down!