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Dynamic diagnostics that deliver


Effective electronic and RF component testing is essential in two ways:

1. It’s the first step to identifying the culprit factor for a malfunctioning electronic asset, thus guiding the electronics repairs process, and;

2. It serves a vital quality assurance function, especially in the ongoing maintenance and spares management for large infrastructure networks.

Efficient electronic component and RF technology testing procedures form an essential part of the cost-effective technology maintenance. Trying to manage this in-house – whether to certify products market-ready or ascertain why a piece of infrastructure is not working as it should – can place an undue burden on resources that could be better focused elsewhere.

That is where Duons can help.  We have the scale, equipment and in-house expertise developed over decades of experience in a wide range of areas to carry out dynamic diagnostics of any electronic and/or RF technology that form part of your complex infrastructure. Efficient and effective component level testing enables us to optimise management of your spares inventory as well as quickly restore critical infrastructure to working order when time is of the essence.

Duons can:

  • Produce ‘test jigs’ for any electronic product, including printed circuit boards (PCBs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and radio frequency (RF) equipment;
  • Perform large-scale no-fault-found (NFF) testing of large quantities of components (with faulty parts being separated and subject to repairs if possible);
  • Troubleshoot common causes of product failure to quickly identify the culprit factor;
  • Deliver concise yet comprehensive reporting to the client.