Electronics Modifications & Upgrades | Duons Australia

Keeping your technology relevant into the future

As technology ages intervening to make modifications and upgrades to hardware and software can bring about improvements to quality of service (QoS) and keep functionality up to date, safeguarding against obsolescence. We specialise in:

  • Engineering hardware and software upgrades, including PCB design and manufacture, that add functionality to the existing technology;
  • Sourcing new replacements for faulty or outdated electronic components, bringing about improved performance and QoS;
  • Optimising software;
  • Repairing and/or fabricating physical housing (refurbishment), including design modifications that enhance the asset’s capability to withstand environmental pressures.

 By choosing us to maintain your technological infrastructure and assets, you can be confident that we will not only get things working again, but also innovate improvements to the base technology that will benefit your business over the long term.

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