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Duons offers a range of solutions and full service support for business looking to integrate automated monitoring of their critical infrastructure into their everyday operations. As exclusive Australasian distributor of ServersCheck monitoring systems, we provide a turnkey product backed up by our in-house support and technical expertise to assist you with the customisation and adaptation of the technology where necessary. We also have access to a range of other technologies and the R&D capacity to tailor an environmental monitoring for a broad range of situations across all industries.


Modular, scalable and affordable solution for monitoring critical facilities

ServersCheck’s ‘building-block’ approach and extensive range and variety of components makes it the ideal option for customising a monitoring solution to specific requirements, whether basic temperature monitoring for a small business’s server room, right up to tracking a wide range of environmental, power and security parameters in a complex industrial setting.

A modular and scalable approach means you only pay for what you need, and can be confident that if requirements change, the system can easily be adapted and expanded to suit your evolving needs. Complimentary cloud-based monitoring software, smartphone apps and firmware upgrades add extra value for money.

The SensorGateway – the foundation of your networked monitoring solution

The base unit of the monitoring, providing a link between the physical environment to be monitored and the user’s digital monitoring and control interface. Complete with its own in-built temperature monitor, PoE and ports for 2 x additional sensors / 1 x expansion hub.

Technical Specifications
Operating temperature range: 0°C to +75°C
Operating humidity range: < 90% rH (non-condensating)
Dimensions: 70 mm x 88 mm x 22 mm
TCP/IP: IPv4 at 10/100 Mbps
Power Source: PoE: IEEE 802.3af
Power Usage: 1500mW (without sensors attached)
Built-in: web server, SNMP v1, v2 & v3 (MD5/AES), Modbus (soon)
Built-in alerting options: email SMS (over IP) & SNMP Traps
External sensors probes: 2 sensor probes through straight RJ45 cable with max distance of 10m
Max distance to switch: depending on cable quality up to 100m
Built-in Temperature Sensor:
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C
Temperature Reading: -55°C to +125°C / SensorGateway operates up to 75°C
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1°C over 0°C to +75°C Testing: Base units are compliant with FCC and CE standards
Use: The SensorGateways should only be used as industrial and commercial test equipment.
power adapter Optional Power Adapter for SensorGateway
Default power is through PoE. Customers not having PoE can use Power Adapters (supplied by Duons).
Power Adapter Specs: 12 VDC/1A, switching, 3.5mm connector


External Temperature Probe and Built-In Temperature Sensor Specific Data
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C  precision
Temperature Reading: -55°C to +125°C / SensorGateway operates up to 75°C
Temperature Accuracy1: +/- 0.5ºC over 0ºC to +75ºC

Also available in a mobile (2G/3G/4G) version.

Find out how easy it is to get started with your monitoring with our SensorGateway unboxing video:

The Sensorhub – expanding monitoring and control potentials


Expansion modules like the Sensorhub open up powerful potentials for monitoring and control, offering addition ports for ServersCheck sensors, as well as dry contact inputs for legacy sensors (smoke alarms, door contact etc). Added to that, open collector switches and relay outputs mean that the ecosystem can be configured to automate intelligent responses to breaches of certain conditions, for example having a back-up air-conditioning activate if the temperature gets too high.

Alerts and controls are all able to be coordinated and monitored remotely from your workstation, or even out and about via your smartphone or tablet. The end result is improved efficiency, security and peace-of-mind for your organisation.

Technical Specifications
Expansion ports for external sensor probes: 8
Dry contact input ports: 4
Dry contact output ports: 2 (digital sink 100mA)
Relay outputs: 2 (400VAC/150VDC and 200VA/192W)
Auxiliary supply: maximum current capacity of 500mA at 9 to 12 VDC
Power consumption: 650 milliWatts
Dimensions: 165 mm x 95 mm x 22 mm
Housing: Orange metal casing with one LED status indicators
Requires the SensorGateway v4 or higher to operate – max 1 (one) Sensorhub per SensorGateway
Sensor connects to & is managed by the SensorGateway. Requires the latest generation of SensorGateway (v5.1)
Communication protocols to probe through SensorGateway: SNMPv2,v3 and HTTP. Modbus is coming soon.
Connects via regular straight RJ45 cable to the SensorGateway.
Maxmimum distance between probe and SensorGateway is 10m