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Micro circuitry, macro possibilities


PCBs, or printed circuit boards, are fundamental to any piece of electronic equipment. With an in-house engineering team and access to cost-effective manufacturing services, Duons is proud to offer its clients economical electronic hardware development solutions including:

  • Full reverse-engineering for legacy assets – from reverse-design (schematics, CAD diagrams) and printed circuit board (PCB) layout to testing and manufacture;
  • Optional upgrades to functionality of existing PCBs and other electronic hardware;
  • Ground-up conceptualisation, design and development of bespoke PCB solutions based on the client’s needs.

As electronics experts we deal with PCBs every day, offering a wide range of services, from diagnostics and repairs through to no-fault-found testing and manufacturing.

Our wealth of experience in design, parts procurement and manufacturing, couple with strong industry networks, allows us to minimise key metrics like:

  • Heat generated as a by-product of operation;
  • Time involved in development process, and therefore;
  • Cost of delivery.

Whether you are seeking to prolong the life of an ageing electronic asset, or you want a brand new technology solution for your business, we can help with all your electronic and PCB needs.

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