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Duons proudly partners with the world’s leading global providers of tactical 4G/LTE solutions to empower emergency services, first responders, government agencies, as well as industry, to harness the enormous potential of this exciting technology.


Private 4G/LTE networks offer your organisation a range of advantages over fixed line or older wireless technologies:

  • picture1They’re portable – at the core of the solution is the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) (sometimes referred to as “LTE in a box”). When utilised in conjunction with a collapsible tower and attached antenna, these private mobile networks can be deployed wherever and whenever you need to establish communications;mobile handset integration
  • They offer high data transfer rates & capacity – with peak download and upload rates of <300Mbit/s and <75 Mbit/s, it can easily handle data-intensive applications like video streaming and push-to-talk (PTT);
  • Private mobile networks easily integrate with mobile handsets – the solution encompasses both hardware and software, with complementary mobile applications in place to facilitate in-field usage;
  • They’re secure – enhanced encryption keeps it safe from external intrusions, and there’s scope for intra-network hierarchies.

Empowering seamless communications for more effective emergency responses

In emergency situations and tactical deployments, where split second decisions can mean the difference between life and death, quick and easy communications between stakeholders is of paramount importance. Duons LTE solution delivers with all the attributes military, security and emergency personnel could want: portability, durability, reliability, security and more. When flawless communications are critical, it’s good to know that Duons have access to not just the best hardware available, but also possess decades of in-house expertise in radio communications and wireless networks and in-field experience in the military, security and emergency services sectors.

Breaking down barriers with the Interoperability Gateway

Our industry-leading Interoperability Solution utilises RoIP technology to deliver compatibility bewtween the full spectrum of commonly deployed radio networks including VHF, P25, Tetra, and LTE. This simplifies the task of standardising communications between different agencies across multiple locations, regardless of equipment disparities.


With the ability to support hundreds of active users per unit, fast and simple activation, optional IP backhaul, and much more, this revolutionary product simplifies the once complex task of coordinating communications during critical events. This streamlines the flow of crucial information, ultimately enhancing the operational response, minimising harm, increasing the likelihood of a successful mission.