Tailoring Technology Solution Design | Duons Australia

Tailoring technology to your business needs


Our professionals have many years of experience and a very broad range of expertise from legacy systems to the very latest technologies. We recognise that our client’s need to use solutions that are extensible and can collaborate with other components already implemented or planned in the future.

Industry Specific Understanding

Since its formation in 2005, Duons has designed many solutions for clients within mining, resource, energy, utilities and telecommunication industries. We provide a holistic approach to solution design so our clients can remain competitive in a market defined by rapidly evolving technology, a steady stream of new players and increasingly demanding consumers.


End-to-end Approach

Our professionals understand the market and business evolution and can help you identify needs and address them through business-model evolution, service-management innovation and technology strategies. Our experience, expertise and end-to-end approach to solution design assist you to reap the rewards while avoiding the pitfalls. We help our clients to:

  • Simplify and speed up the introduction of new services and technologies.
  • Develop your organisation, streamline your processes and systems.
  • Transform your network environment without disrupting your customers.

 Sum of its Parts

Our client’s ecosystems span contexts, devices, channels, environments and most importantly, experiences. Your consumers string together the experiences they have across your ecosystem into a singular perception of who you are.

We will design your solution correctly, delivering optimal performance and making sure you are ready for whatever the future brings.