Spares Management | Duons Australia

Seamless replacement, repair and logistics for your critical inventory


When done effectively, outsourced spares management can save a company time and money, facilitate business growth and improve overall quality. Over the previous decade Duons has developed a seamless support system for the repair, replacement, and logistics associated with clients’ spare products and parts, whatever the industry.

There are a number of benefits to using a dedicated spare parts management service. These include:

Greater efficiency and increased profitability

Companies with large-scale technological systems and/or product lines requiring regular upkeep, maintenance and replacement can save both time and money by outsourcing to a specialised plug-in service like ours. This frees up human resources that can be better deployed in other areas, such as business and product development. At the other end of the spectrum, smaller companies can access inventory management services on an as-needed basis, whereas the alternative of hiring an in-house technical support team is not viable.

Reliability and quality

The job of managing spares and replacement parts is a discipline unto itself, so for many businesses adding to their existing workload can place a strain on resources and ultimately result in sub-par performance. Duons has honed its specialty in this area over a number of years of providing services to high-demand clients and major corporations.

We are committed to providing best-practice to our clients with a view to:

  • Minimising delays in replacement times by having replacement spares ready for deployment on a 1-for-1 basis with faulty parts
  • Identifying areas of high-demand, such as those parts that commonly fail so that repairs are prioritised based on a probability-of-failure model
  • Innovating solutions to commonly encountered problems identified over time
  • Providing enhanced accountability through regular reporting.