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Recent developments in networking and microwave communications technology have led to the emergence of wireless solutions where previously wired connections were required. These next generation point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multi-point (PTMP) radios offer exciting opportunities for the private and public sector to expand into new markets, streamline operations and provide a greater level of service to the public.

As experts in all facets of RF and microwave technology, Duons can help users of all sizes and sectors with:

  • Sourcing the right products and configuring them in the correct way for your desired application
  • Assisting with the design of the network architecture (including using the latest terrain-mapping software)
  • Providing a high level of post-sales support.


SR1000+ PTP/PTMP Microwave Radio Repeater

Our proprietary SR1000+ system offers a true wireless broadband solution for a wide range of applications. Thanks to its innovative design and durable construction, this cutting PTP and PTMP broadband radio facilitates seamless wireless backhaul with high throughput, making it ideal for a full range of applications and industries.



  • Telecommunications
    Ideal for providers looking to extend coverage where wired connections are not viable & government-led initiatives to provide internet and VOiP phone services to rural/remote communities.
  • Mining & offshore oil/gas extraction
    Facilitates private networks and/or extending internet coverage to remote sites for resource extraction operations.

  • Industry & public utilities
    Provides framework for high data throughput for telemetry, SCADA, LAN and CCTV applications.

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The result of years of R&D, the SR1000+ is a proprietary technology at the cutting edge in its field.


    Inbuilt interference rejection Broadband <300mbps Low power consumption <8W Low latency 1.3ms

    True outdoor solution (IP67) Temperature range -40 to +65°C Operational range <140km Easy to install and solar compatible

    8 priority level queues per station/direction New generation NMS inc. remote managements & native tests Potential built in redundancies
    • Power & data via 2 x RJ45 (POE)
    • Hot standby capabilities with 1 + 1 modules

    Unlimited stations per area Large spectrum of frequency bands Selectable bandwidths:
    • Configurable range 3.5 - 50 MHz
    • Licensed & unlicensed bands
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