Warehouse Management Services | Duons Australia

Optimise your inventory


By outsourcing your warehousing to us, we can save you time, space and money. With years of experience in the storage, inventory and logistics of a wide range of stock and equipment, we have created efficiencies that can benefit your business. We have found that many organisations suffer from:

  • Storing items with low turnover;
  • Having surplus inventory compared to their requirements;
  • And/or scattering different parts of their inventory across several third party suppliers.

We offer a full range of third-party warehousing management services to suit your business’s individual needs. Whether you need us to store and manage the in-field deployment of a wide portfolio of replacement components, or you just need to free up some extra space in your storeroom, we can help. We offer:

  • Scalable storage space so you only outlay according to your needs;
  • Access to our streamlined logistics and inventory management systems;
  • Guaranteed quality assurance so you have peace-of-mind that your inventory is maintained in optimal conditions.