An interview with General Manager, Paul Ferlet

Paul Ferlet
Duons France was founded in 1995 and was first involved in critical maintenance projects on nuclear power plants. Since then, Duons has delivered its expertise in complex technology development, distribution and support to some of the world’s largest companies.
As a Franco Australian company, Duons Australia has strong ties with the French Australian chamber of commerce (FACCI). The following excerpts are from an  interview was conducted by FACCI writers Caroline Bellande & Claire Dupré in March 2018.

How do you envisage the future of your company and how can FACCI help you achieve your objectives?

Our competitors are all based interstate, so we are well positioned locally. However, we see the most significant potential for growth internationally. With telecommunications integration, in particular, we see potential for growth in South East Asia (Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam where we are already, and neighbouring Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar).

With telecommunications integration, in particular, we see potential for growth in South East Asia...

Opening a local office in the area is certainly an option if our activities increase in the area. In Australia, Duons’ activities articulate around 3 axes: electronics repairs, telecommunications integration and logistics & warehousing.

Can you describe your personal background and role within Duons Australia?

After graduating from EM Strasbourg Business School in Alsace, France, and a final year in South Korea, I joined the Mandarin Oriental Hotels Group in Paris as Finance Assistant. Within 6 months, I got an opportunity to move to London for the same company and took on the role of Assistant Financial Controller. After two years in London, I was ready to move on and applied online to join Duons Australia as Financial Controller in Brisbane. I had never been to Australia and I pretty much knew nothing about electronics & telecommunications! I was ready for an adventure. 

I arrived at Duons in March 2017 and undertook the restructuring of the business. Six months later, when the General Manager offered his resignation, I was invited to step in temporarily and finally, was offered the job following the visit of our French CEO. I’ve now been in this role for about a year.

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