NEW Duons Website

NEW Website v2

DUONS is proud to unveil their brand new website! The culmination of nearly a year of planning and hard work, this attractive, modern site aims to present our various products and services in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.

New improved repair request process

Streamlined repairs process

It also contains the beginning of a process of automating a range of processes which will be integrated into the website over time, such as our new online process for customers' repair requests. Currently in preliminary stages, it allows the user to submit repair requests for individual items of equipment which are reviewed by Duons admin and logged in a cloud-based database. Over time we will expand the functionality to allow the client to check in on the progress of work, as well as view past repair jobs. From the Duons end, it will help us make the process more efficient, and ultimately empower our technical staff to work more efficiently and effectively by accessing an online knowledge base of past jobs and accumulated learning.

Attractive design features

Working in a diverse range of technical fields, it can be tricky to distill the complex nature of what we do into an easy-to-digest format, so we have utilised a number of visually engaging features like video and animations to communicate our unique skill-sets and abilities. These 4 colourful icons on the homepage, for example, animate when the user hovers over them and trigger a brief summary of our capabilities in the bullet points below.

Attractive video and animation features
Easy-to-use contact forms

Easier than ever to get in touch!

As you browse the site, you will see several blue contact buttons that launch a semi-transparent contact form overlayed on the screen. The form intelligently pre-checks the relevant box (product or service) which you are interested in. While the client is always welcome to call us directly, we aim to make the process of getting in touch with us as seamless as possible, saving time and hassle on both ends and better serving the end-user.

A world of resources available at a click...

Want to delve deeper into what we do, including gaining access to detailed brochures, spec sheets, past work case studies, videos, software downloads and more? Users can get full access to our extensive library of resources by sining up to our subscription list. All it takes is your email. 

A world of resources available at a click