Consumer Electronics Repair Services

Consumer Electronics

We understand the frustration of having something go wrong with a valued piece of consumer electronics - your trusty GPS, HiFi equipment, fish finder etc - outside of the warranty period. Often the end-user is faced with paying exorbitant amounts for out of warranty repairs, buying a replacement or worse, finding the item isn't even sold anymore. Sometimes Duons can help provide another option - repairs. 

While this is only worth doing in the event the item is quite expensive to replace, or isn't at all replaceable, having an expert diagnose and assess your non-functioning electronics can be worthwhile. Sometimes the fix is quite simple and can be turned around with a day. At other times, the problem is more complex. Either way, we will be upfront and let you know whether it is worth pursuing the repair option.

Have a faulty piece of consumer electronics that you don't want to part with? We may be able to help.

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