Power Supplies & UPS Repair Services

Power Supply

Every piece of electronic equipment utilises a power supply to regulate the supply of electricity, ensuring the correct voltage, current and frequency. Uninterruptible powers supplies (UPS) are used in critical infrastructure applications like server rooms, maintaining a steady supply of mains power (e.g. by correcting voltage spikes) and further providing a backup power source (usually a battery-based) in the case of mains power failure. Duons technical staff are experienced in repairing a range of power supplies across a number of applications, from power supplies for telecommunications racks, large industrial applications and specialist equipment.

While it is often cheaper to by an outright replacement rather than attempt repairs, in some cases - for example when a power supply is housed within another unit and has to conform to a specific form factor - fixing the fault can be the better option.

Duons are your power supply experts, with the tools and know-how to carry out cost-effective repairs on high-value power supplies and UPS units.

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