Repairs FAQs

  • How much will my repairs cost?

    This is a question we get a lot, and unfortunately, it’s one we usually cannot answer straight away. The first stage of repairs is always diagnosing the fault and testing the equipment to get an idea of how to fix it. This can be a time-consuming process (especially when there is a lack of documentation and/or details about the circumstances of the fault), and that is why we charge a non-negotiable $75 (EX GST) inspection fee for all repair jobs.After we have inspected your equipment and devised a plan to get it working again, we will issue you a quote for repairs. If you accept this, we waive the inspection fee and implement our repairs strategy. Please note, there is a minimum $150 (EX GST) fee for all accepted repairs jobs.Although we do our best to get the fix right the first time, sometimes (particularly with complex pieces of technology involving several parts or modules) the work we carry out as per the initial quote doesn’t fully restore operation of your equipment. All quotes are estimates of cost involved and occasional require revision. If this is the case, we will advise you at the earliest possible time

  • Is it worthwhile fixing this?

    When someone comes to us with a piece of broken or faulty equipment, one of the first things we look for is its replacement cost -- the price you’d have to pay to either buy a new identical unit or one of equivalent function. This is because we don’t want to waste the client’s time and ours if the cost of repairing the item will be unacceptably high compared to the cost of just outright buying a new one (we usually aim for a repair cost of no more than 50% of total replacement).That said, if your equipment has considerable value, or is highly customised, rare, or no longer manufactured (ie hard to replace) repairs can often represent great value. Given our minimum repair cost of $150 (EX GST), we generally advise people that it is not worthwhile pursuing repairs on an item with a value less that $300 (EX GST).

  • How long will my repairs take?

    Our standard minimum repair time is 3 working days from receipt of the item. Factors that affect our turnaround time include:

    • Current technician workload
    • Amount of information (support documents, details about the fault symptoms and circumstances etc) provided by the customer
    • Availability of spare parts and components and time it takes for them to be delivered internationally if necessary

    For time-sensitive jobs (e.g. business clients whose factories are not operating due to equipment failure) we can sometimes offer express turnaround for an additional fee.

  • Can you come out to my place of business / house?

    Where possible, we advise that you send the equipment to our workshop at 430 Newman Rd, Geebung QLD 4034. Where this isn’t possible (the items are too large, the fault hasn’t been isolated to one part of a larger system etc) we can have a technician come out to you. Please note, callouts attract higher fees than repairs carried out solely at our workshop.

  • If I send you a faulty PCB, can you fix it and get my equipment working again?

    If you or a professional like an electrician suspects that the reason your equipment is malfunctioning or not working at all is due to a fault on one or more of its PCBs, you are welcome to send us the suspect items for inspection and possible repair. However, even if our technicians can restore the damaged PCB/s to mint condition, we cannot guarantee that it will fix all issues with the equipment the PCB/s came from. This is because there may be more extensive issues with the equipment (for example, damage to mechanical parts) that we cannot repair, either because we cannot come to the location where the equipment is and/or because we don't have the necessary expertise to work on the non-electronic faults.