Solar Inverter Repair Services

Solar Inverter Repairs

With qualifications and expertise in power electronics (involving work on technology rated at >60V), the Duons team have had success in assisting importers, electricians and homeowners in the repair of faulty solar inverters. Common faults we have encountered and remedied include failure of the H bridge (a part of the circuit that converts the DC voltage from the panels to AC to the grid) as well as errors associated with relays.

Given the recent boom in the solar industry there has been an influx of these devices from various manufacturers, some of which have since gone out of business. Our specialisation in end-of-life and obsolete technologies means we can find cost-effective solutions to getting your solar setup going again when inverters fail. Depending on the nature of the fault, often repairs can be much cheaper than outright replacement.

Safety & cost considerations

Solar inverters can be dangerous things to handle if you don't know what you are doing. That is why it is a legal requirement that they be installed and removed by a qualified electrical contractor. Most end-users will contact the electrician who installed their system in the event of something going wrong. If this isn't possible, most electricians will be able to come to you to assess the fault and see if can be fixed on-site.If the inverter requires repairs, including work on its internal electronics, that is where Duons can sometimes help.Please be aware of factoring in the cost of:
  • hiring an electrician to safely uninstall the inverter in order for it to be transported
  • shipping of the bulky item to our workshop in Brisbane
  • our minimum inspection fees and standard repair rates
Solar inverter on wall

If your solar inverter is preventing your solar system from functioning we may be able to help provide a cost-effective solution that saves you having to by an expensive replacement.

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