DUONS MCO PTY LTD – ABN 58 098 195 165


Seller:                    Duons MCO Pty Ltd

Repair Services:        The Seller provides testing, diagnostics, repairs, maintenance, modifications and upgrades to a range of Equipment.

Equipment:              The item/s subject to a quotation for and/or subject directly to Repair services carried out by the Seller.

Customer:               The Customer is the individual, business or organization that requests a quote for and/or purchases repair services from the Seller.

Repair Request:          The initial enquiry sent by the Customer outlining the issue/s affecting their Equipment and making a request for Repair services. Repair requests require a range of information including contact details, Equipment information, circumstances of the fault, supporting documents etcetera.

Inspection Phase:        The point in the process following the Repair request, when the Equipment is accepted for inspection (either at the Seller’s premises or some other location as specified by the Customer) by technical staff for the purposes of diagnosing the fault and generating a quote for Repair services.

Inspection Fee:         A non-negotiable minimum charge to the Customer of $75 (EX GST)

Workshop Repairs:     Refers to work carried out at the premises of the Seller – 430 Newman Rd, Geebung QLD 4034.

On-site Repairs:        Refers to work carried out at the premises (business or residential) of the Customer.

On-Site Callout Fee:   A fee of $200 (EX GST) per day spent conducting on-site repairs.

GST:                       Goods and Services Tax (within the meaning of A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth) as amended (GST Act or any replacement or any other relevant legislation and regulations)

Business Day:           A standard day for conducting business, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday and public holidays of the State of Queensland.

1. Repair Requests

In order to have their request considered, the Customer must provide Duons MCO Pty Ltd with the following information:

  • Contact details including first name, surname, a valid email address and a telephone number;
  • The manufacturer and model number of the Equipment (if known) or if not known, a detailed description of the Equipment;
  • An estimated replacement value (if known) for the item
  • Whether or not (Y or N) the item can be shipped to the Duons MCO Pty Ltd’s premises (430 Newman Rd, Geebung QLD 4034) for Workshop Repairs.

2. Minimum Charges

Progressing the Repair Request to the Inspection Phase is contingent on the Customer accepting the relevant minimum charges (refer Figure 1 – Fees & Rates):

  • Equipment subject to Workshop Repairs (ie able to be sent to Duons MCO Pty Ltd’s premises) incurs a minimum charge of the Inspection Fee
  • Equipment subject to On-site repairs (ie at a location external to Duons MCO Pty Ltd’s premises, as specified by the Customer) incurs a minimum charge of the Inspection Fee plus the On-site Callout Fee (1 day)

3. Quotations

After completing the Inspection Phase, Duons MCO Pty Ltd will supply the Customer with a quote for Repair Services. If Customer accepts the quote, they are no longer liable for the Inspection Fee, but remain liable for the On-site Callout Fee accrued during the Inspection Phase (if applicable).

A quote is valid for a period of thirty (30) days (unless otherwise stated on the quote or by the Seller); after this period, the Seller reserves the right to revise the quotation. Quotations for Repair Services will be composed of:

  • A minimum of one hour of Technician’s Labour (refer Figure 1 – Fees & Rates)
  • The cost of purchasing the necessary parts and auxiliary materials (including transport costs)

Prices given are applicable to that quotation only and will not necessarily apply in any other circumstance. Prices are subject to change as necessary.

4. Modifications

If Duons MCO Pty Ltd is asked to carry out additions or modifications to the equipment and/or perform additional services or more frequent services, these will be deemed a variation and the quotation will be adjusted accordingly. Any variation will take into consideration the nature and extent of such additions or modifications and the cost Duons MCO Pty Ltd incurs in performing these, but (subject to this) all other conditions of the quotation will continue to apply.

5. Terms of Payment

Property and ownership in the Equipment will not pass to the Customer but will remain with Duons MCO Pty Ltd until payment in full of the by the Customer has been received by Duons MCO Pty Ltd. For Equipment received for Workshop Repairs and subject to the Inspection Phase and/or further Workshop Repairs as per the quotation, collection of that Equipment by the Customer is contingent on their full payment of the relevant fees.

For Equipment subject to On-site Repairs, invoices sent to the Customer shall be paid within 14 days of the date of the invoice.

Inspection Fee


On-site Callout Fee (per day)


Technician’s Labour (per hour)


Figure 1 - Fees & Rates * Prices are in AUD EX GST